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Are you a motorcyclist who has been injured by another motorist on the road? Unlike drivers and passengers in consumer and commercial vehicles, motorcyclists are exposed to tremendous trauma when a collision occurs. Without the benefit of cabin safety features, motorcyclists often sustain serious, even catastrophic injuries from these accidents. When these collisions occur due to the actions of another motorist, legal action is called for.

At Williams Law Group, PLLC our Pascagoula motorcycle accident team has been fighting for the interests of Mississippi’s injured for 30 years. Over that time, our legal team has recovered financial damages for hundreds of area families and individuals, ensuring that they have resources to help pay medical bills, lost wages, and other hardships. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, we are ready to help you take action today.

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Types of Driver Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents

Many of the same negligent actions that contribute to car accidents and other motor vehicle crashes can also contribute to motorcycle accidents. Additionally—because drivers often fail to anticipate that they are sharing the road with motorcycles—there are common motorist errors that are specifically associated with motorcycle accidents.

Examples of motorist negligence in motorcycle accidents include:

  • Tailgating (following too closely)

  • Failing to signal (especially left turns)

  • Door accidents

  • Failing to check blind spots

Often in these cases, motorists may try to lean on stereotypes and assert the motorcyclist was acting/driving recklessly. At our firm, we don’t allow these baseless defenses to stand. We know how to properly substantiate and assert the facts in traffic accident cases and are ready to ensure that the responsible party’s actions are vividly illustrated and explained.

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