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Pascagoula Occupational Disease and Personal Injury Attorney

Your Local Source for Investigation of Occupational Disease cases, National Product Liability cases, Serious Lung Disease, and Injury Claims

Over three decades of practice, we have won millions in compensation for our clients who have developed serious lung diseases or cancer due to toxic work-place exposure and the negligent conduct of others. Occupational Hearing Loss is an unfortunate reality for thousands who build ships and are exposed regularly to very noisy work processes. We may be able to investigate your potential Occupational Hearing Loss, Serious Lung Disease from previous asbestos exposure, National Products Liability or Personal Injury Case. To do so, call Williams Law Group at 228-761-6737. The call and evaluation are free, but waiting may cost you, as we have seen with potential clients who, unfortunately, allowed their legal time limit from a discovered disease diagnosis to expire before getting legal advise. Contact us today. Protect your family … friends and loved ones.

Seeking Justice for Clients for 30 Years

If you’ve been hurt due to the negligence of another, you don’t have to fight for justice alone. Let a devoted Pascagoula personal injury attorney advocate on your behalf. Our law firm has successfully represented many Gulf South area families and individuals who were injured through no fault of their own, and our firm will be there to secure the best possible result for your case. We will represent cases including personal injury and car accident cases in Pascagoula, Gautier, Ocean Springs, Vancleave, Hurley, Lucedale, Moss Point, and George County.

We’ve handled many personal injury and occupational disease claims. We are prepared to recover maximum compensation for individuals who retain Williams Law Group. Committed to protecting the rights of our clients, we work hard to achieve the best outcome when you hire our firm to recover damages on your behalf.

Standing Up for Gulf South Accident Victims

Those who have experienced Occupational disease, personal injury, and those injured in car accident accidents, often face many complications in seeking compensation following an accident or diagnosis of a work-related disease. This can become even more complicated when insurance companies aim to protect their own best interests rather than paying out claims appropriately. The good news is that our knowledgeable Pascagoula area personal injury and car accident injury firm has many years of experience dealing with insurance companies and complex injury claims. Our mission is to secure maximum recovery for our clients.

An accident or diagnosis of a work-related disease can happen when you least expect it. When it does, you’ll know who to call for experienced representation. Our firm is backed by decades of accomplishments.

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Other Cases

shipyard engineer-hand-holding-white-safety-helme
Shipyard Occupational Hearing Loss

Williams Law Group has represented many qualifying workers’ comp claimants for Occupational Hearing Loss resultling in significant cash compensation to our client based on permanent partial disability for workplace noise-induced hearing loss.   (Please be aware that audiologist’s and physician’s recent research suggests that untreated

 Asbestos Dust Related Cancer

Severe Asbestosis, Lung Cancer, or Mesothelioma: If you, or a loved one, worked in a shipyard, construction, or industrial job where you were exposed to asbestos insulation dust and you were diagnosed with severe asbestosis, lung cancer, or mesothelioma within the last three years, you may be entitled to significant cash compensation. Call Williams Law Group today  for a no-cost claim evaluation.

Doctor showing x-ray image of lungs
Mesothelioma vs. Asbestos Related Cancer

Unlike asbestos-related cancer, pleural mesothelioma develops in the lining of the lungs rather than the inside of the lung. It can also affect the heart, abdomen and testes. Both asbestos-related cancer and mesothelioma take decades to develop, it can take a short period of time for them to metastasize or spread.  Asbestos-related

Two cars involved in a car accident
Personal Injury Vehicle Accidents

Millions of auto accidents happen in the U.S. every year, with many of them resulting in property damage, personal injury, and even death. When these accidents happen.  it is vital to be proactive in pursuing justice. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by another driver’s speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, or other negligent behavior, contact Williams Law Group,

Young woman with cancer
Other Cases

You’ve seen the national ads for these cases
. Let your local product liability expert attorney evaluate your potentially valuable claim today!

  • Ovarian Cancer (Talcum Powder Related)
  • CPAP Recall
  • Baby Formula
  • Camp LeJeune Toxic Water
  • 3M Military Earplugs
  • Chemical Hair Straighteners
  • Firefighters – Foam
  • Autism – Due to Acetaminophen usage while pregnant
  • Gallbadder – Ozempic

Williams Law Group, PLLC is your local source for evaluation of serious disease, national product liability cases and personal injury claims.

We have won millions in compensation for our clients who have developed serious lung disease or cancer due to the negligent conduct of others. We may be able to evaluate your Occpational Hearing Loss. Call us today at 228-761-6737. If you have had previous Lung Disease from Asbestos previous exposure, Personal Injury or “National Products” Liability case call Williams Law Group at 601-219-7888. The call and evaluation are free, but waiting may cost you, as we have seen with potential clients who, unfortunately, allowed their legal time limit from a discovered disease diagnosis to expire. Contact us today. Protect your friends and family and loved ones.

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